Steelcase media:scape

The Steelcase media:scape interface and hardware empowers teams to share information fluidly to enhance team collaboration.

Exploring the Future of Work

Designed to fit the way teams work, media:scape accommodates a variety of configurations to meet team needs. A range of displays can be configured and switching between team member content is easily done using an intuitive capacitive interface “puck”.

Steelcase media:scape dual monitor configuration (photo credit: Steelcase)

Steelcase media:scape dual monitor configuration (photo credit: Steelcase)

Accommodating Teams

Displays, interface touch points and collaborative space areas combine to seamlessly accommodate users. A variety of seating and display configurations are available to suite the needs of any organization.

 Easy Setup

The media:scape system accommodates laptops and once connected, can display content across a range of 1-4 displays or more depending on a location’s specific needs.

Supporting Multiple Work Modes

Whether integrated into content review settings or informal working sessions, media:scape solutions allow teams to set up easily and share content flexibly across a range of team members.

Content Switching

With a simple tap of the display number on the capacitive control “puck”, team members can share content from their laptops. The lit state of the icon conveys which screens a given laptop is being show on.