QUE proReader

The QUE proReader was recognized as one of the 10 best products to be introduced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Targeted towards enterprise users, it featured an elegant industrial design, an intuitive interface designed to manage business documents, and streams of subscription content.


Distinctive E-Reader Designed for Business

The QUE proReader was designed for business users. It offered easy access to calendar events and their associated documents and streams of subscription content and other user generated documents.

QUE proReader: Designed for Business

“The QUE proReader caters to our audience: people who are busy, active, mobile, time-starved, and consume content at a great clip. The proReader gives them the full content experience and new capabilities to stay ahead.
— Nina La France, Vice President Consumer Marketing for Forbes

Less Weight, More Resolution

With a plastic electronic backplane, the QUE proReader was a fraction of the weight of other e-readers. Rugged and thin, it displayed high resolution and high contrast images considered by many at the time to be superior to color displays for reading.

State of Flow

With a minimalist interface that leveraged the high resolution e-ink display, users could access and annotate content. Streams of subscription content could be easily accessed, keeping users up-to-date on their latest preferred publications.