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Danny has presented a variety of talks over the years. Topics include designing for mobility, interaction design, design thinking, and fostering an approach toward lifelong learning.


Below is a sampling of various presentations Danny has given as well as articles he has contributed to our been featured in.

Presentation and Panel Facilitator:
Stanford CARS ‘Design from the Inside Out’ workshop

I had the pleasure of presenting IDEO’s fourth chapter in its Future of Automobility point of view at his Center for Automotive Research at Stanford workshop and also facilitated a panel discussion. The workshop explored Mobility from the Inside Out and how vehicles adapt to each new user in a shared mobility system and distinguish between passengers that choose to cohabitate within a vehicle from those that do so merely out of convenience.

Medium Article:
Passion and Progression:
The Evolution of Interaction Design

This Medium article entitled Passion and Progression reflects upon the rich history we have as an interaction design discipline. Looking as far back as the origins that much of the discipline had during the Apollo moon missions, many of the breakthroughs made possible by the discipline that have also shaped its evolution are charted.

IxDA 2015 Talk:
Passion and Progression” Reflections on Achievements,
Impact and Moving Forward

The content of this Passion and Progression: Reflections on Achievements, Impact and Moving Forward talk informed the Medium publication of the above. Given as part of the 2015 IxDA conference in San Francisco, this talk was shaped as a result of being asked to reflect upon 20 years of interaction design teaching and consultancy work. The talk explores key moments in the development of interaction design as a discipline while charting notable moments of this interaction designer’s journey and some of IDEO’s contributions along the way.

TEDx Talk:
Essentials for Lifelong Learning

I had the pleasure of presenting a talk focused on ‘The Essentials of Lifelong Learning during the first TEDx conference to be held at Furman University. This talk explores the key elements of curiosity, empathy and passion required for achieving lifelong learning.


Below are articles citing or interviewing Danny. Topics include future product and service design, interaction design and designing for future mobility solutions.