Steelcase Globe Collaborative Team Interface

The Globe interface concept leveraged both physical and digital spaces to assist teams in performing collaborative work.

Exploring the Future of Work

Exhibited and tested at the NeoCon conference, the Steelcase Globe interface leveraged content across nine display screens. Screen hierarchy included a central touch panel with two supplementary displays and six secondary displays used to aid in the persistence of information that might be needed over the arch of a single or multiple meetings.

A Central Content Management Panel

Using a touch panel, users could share content with multiple users. All actions with the system were saved in a meeting “strata” shown at the lower portion of the interface. A meeting instance could be expanded by tapping on it and media files associated with the meeting would be shown. Content could then be viewed by simply dragging a thumbnail of content into the main viewing area of the interface.


 Linking to Content

Images served as multi-screen hyper links. By pressing on a link in an image, the entire array of screens could display either linked content or the last state of the display array when a link was last accessed.

Managing Meetings

The meeting “strata” displayed instances of team meetings and allowed for searching across date, group, person, topic or media type. Meetings could be picked up where they left off by simply tapping on their instance in the timeline.


A Mentoring Interface

To accommodate encountering an intuitive yet unfamiliar interface, mentoring features were incorporated that walked users through step-by-step set up of hardware and software settings.