Future of Automobility

The Future of Automobility point of view was created to encourage discourse. A work comprised of four chapters, The Future of Automobility explores how we might move people, things, spaces, and together as we approach the age of automobility.

Provoking the Imagination and Attracting Like-Minded Collaborators

The Future of Automobility point of view was created to compliment the many articles and writings related to the upcoming age of autonomous vehicles. The site’s four chapters invite users to experience visions of future scenarios accompanied by a range of related facts and immersive audio that supports each provoking scene.

In the Media

Intended to spark discourse and invite collaboration from like-minded creatives who are also excited by the possibilities of autonomous mobility, the series has received a wide range of coverage.

The Future of Moving People: Slow Becomes Fast

As we move from struggling with today’s inefficient relationship between cars and infrastructure to one empowered by automobility, today's slow journeys will seem much faster as we are empowered to do so much more while on the go.


 The Future of Moving Spaces: Work On Wheels

As confidence grows in autonomous forms of mobility, a new stage of automobility will come into existence. It will bring with it inverse commutes, where working spaces come closer to where people live.

The Future of Moving Things: 21st Century Mule

As we look ahead, we see self-driving delivery trucks—we call them 21st-Century mules—delivering everything from your new jeans to a hot lunch, almost instantly.


The Future of Moving Together: Yours, Mine, and Ours

As ride and car-sharing increase in popularity, those creating tomorrow's vehicles have the opportunity to streamline and enhance shared mobility experiences through thoughtful vehicle design.