Ground Control to Major Tom...

Ever wonder what it was like to ride aboard a mighty Saturn V rocket? Well, with Reentry: An Orbital Simulator you can now take on the role of a mission commander and master the procedures followed by those that pioneered spaceflight. Explore the intricate details of famous space craft interfaces and the ingenious approaches to controlling them that worked within the constraints of technologies available at the time of launch.

Two In One: The New BMW Motorad 1250cc Boxer Engine with ShiftCam

Here at the Bivouac, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the rugged reliability of BMW’s boxer engine in an R1100RT and the sheer sophistication and power of their inline six cylinder engine in their remarkable continent cruiser, the K1600GT. Now, BMW is offering a new boxer engine with ShiftCam technology. With this new technology, Available in the new R1250RT and R1250GS, one wonders if each will feel like more than one bike in one.

The new ShiftCam is designed to provide controllable power at low speeds and more on-demand power at open throttle. The K1600GT felt like several bikes in one thanks to its adjustable engine and suspension profiles. Will ShiftCam technology have the same dynamic effect on the new boxer engine equipped bikes? As motorcycle manufacturers strive to meet new emissions and fuel standards, we can hope that innovations like this bring more bikes with a wider range of characteristics and capabilities to single track trails and long stretches of open road. Good on BMW for continuing to innovate on a time-tested platform.