CRAFT: Building a Millennium Falcon Scale Model

The modeling techniques reflected in this video are quite impressive. From knowing when to release parts from their moldings to painting and weathering surfaces, several great ways to increase the realism of a model are shown. The lighting and other details in Bandai’s perfect grade Millennium Falcon kit are out of this world as are ModelChili’s work is perfect grade skills.

Off The Wall

Whenever I see images of automotive designers thoughtfully shaping vehicle profiles at 1:1 scale on walls with tape and film and pen and pencil I get inspired. Regardless of how often these traditional visualization methods are used in this age of virtual reality visualization capability, images like this are a powerful reminder of what goes into getting vehicles out into the world. For the rare percentage of them that resemble rolling sculpture, it is well and good to be reminded of all the effort, craft, vision, methods and attention to detail that goes into making them a reality.