Interaction Design (Tools)

Now That Takes Me Back

Ever find yourself feeling nostalgic about something you saw long ago on the web? Well, thanks to the folks at the Internet Archive you may be travel back in time with "The Way Back" tool. You can visit many cached versions of sites dating back more than a decade in some cases. With millions of new pages coming on line every day, thankfully, someone is writing all this internet stuff down...or at least backing it up on servers somewhere.


Special thanks to the "Way Back Machine" for the trip down memory lane. While you are there, why not take a peek at what Yahoo! was up to back in 1996? Greatgooglymoogly!

An Empathetic Eye Towards Color Blindness

The bivouac recently benefited from a greater understanding of some of the nuances associated with color blindness. VisCheck allows users to enter a URL of a web page they wish to view in the same way as those with one of the three variants of color blindness would see the pages. Users can also choose to apply the VisCheck color blindness simulation to specific images. This kind of application can go a long way towards helping us understand one another better...and towards possibly avoiding some dangerous interface decisions that can be made without paying proper attention to color blindness issues.