Hobie Revolution 13


Having dusted off the Hobie Revolution 13 in the last couple of weeks, the bivouac is reminded of just how aptly it is named, the Hobie Revolution 13 represents a remarkable revolution in kayaks. Offering excellent stability in the water and superior ergonomic positioning over the last generation of sea kayaks, the Hobie Revolution 13 is designed to allow users to sit on it rather than in it. The lightweight seat is breathable and fully adjustable thanks to its integrated BOA powered lumbar adjustment system and other thoughtful angle adjustments.

Hobie Mirage Drive.jpeg

When coupled with the ground-breaking Hobie Mirage Drive, it transforms occupants into super heroes. Covering longer distances that would have once crushed one’s back and shoulders is now child’s play. The Mirage Drive is a remarkable piece of design and engineering. It empowers riders to move through the water at a quick pace for long periods of time. Modeled after how penguins shift their fins through the water, the fins shift back and forth while pivoting, insuring an efficiency previously unheard of. Excellent ergonomics keep back fatigue at bay and allow occupants a more upright view, freeing them to focus more on their surroundings.


An ingenious rudder system rounds out the offering, providing nimble and easily controllable handling and subtle wind offset functionality. Overall the Hobie Revolution 13 is an well-rounded stable platform upon which to move at speed or to fish from with confidence. Two thumbs up and paddle raised high from the bivouac!