A Touching Brand Gesture

For a special, one night only event, BMW will host a "Night of the White Gloves" at its museum that will allow visitors to touch the exhibits on display.

The event is being held in collaboration with the Bavarian Association of the Blind. Those attending will be permitted to touch the 120 exhibits while wearing white gloves provided by their hosts. Visitor will also be able to touch the insides of the cabins, engines and luggage compartments.

Jürgen Steinle of BMW Design will be on hand to expand on the hallmarks of the brand's design heritage, while Ralf Vierlein, head of the Historic Vehicle Collection at BMW Classic, will speak on what makes a BMW a classic.

BMW will also be putting on display for the first time the GINA Concept Car at the event.

"The Night of the White Gloves" will take place on November the 21st at the BMW Museum in Munich.

Touching indeed.