Touring with Tourist Trophy

The bivouac recently logged some laps with Polyphony Digital's Tourist Trophy Playstation 2 motorcycle simulator. The folks at Polyphony are the same ones who brought us the excellent Gran Turismo racing series and this title is equally impressive.


Beyond convincing riding dynamics, an extensive range of motorcycles and riding gear to explore, and near photorealistic racing venues, perhaps one of the most pleasant features of the simulator is the photo mode. It allows riders to replay a race and capture memorable moments. Extensive image manipulation capabilities are available so riders can pan to a perfect angle at a critical moment in the competition and stylize their photos to their choosing. As for the level of detail achieved, the images below are photos output from the simulator.




It was remarkably easy to plug in an iShuffle USB drive into the PS2 and save the photo content. For added control and immersion, you may want to try adding a Yamaha Motor Sport Game Controller to the mix. Ride safe, smart and strong.