Ace Combat 5: Pushing the Envelope

"Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War" keeps the Ace Combat series tradition of getting the most out of the Playstation 2 platform alive and well. Game play is compelling and for flight lovers, the photo realistic rendering engine using rich landscape textures and stunning details for aircraft provide visual delight.


Perhaps Namco's game tagline, "Nothing Else Comes Close" is the best summary for this this point in time. Let's hope the folks at Namco keep pushing things along.


The latest version of the series also provides an intriguing glimpse regarding possible future flight forms including the massive ArkBird low orbital vessel. While the Arkbird image below is not shown in the game (or it has not been discovered at the bivouac at least), it shows the high level of detail and backstory that shapes the world in which the drama unfolds.


The Belkan Falken Fighter image shows the unique surreal, yet hyper-real qualilty of the charaters and environments created for the latest installment in the series.