California Health Care Foundation - Enroll UX

A digital toolkit of human-centered design standards designed to make online health insurance enrollment easier for all Americans.


Streamlining Online Health Insurance Enrollment

IDEO’s core challenge was to create a flexible set of design standards that could make it easier for Americans to enroll online for health care coverage. The scope and complexity of this design challenge required a multi-part design solution that was inclusive, responsive, and respectful of state-to-state variation and resource constraints. Presented as a customizable toolkit, the final design specifications manual is divided into 11 chapters aimed at enabling federal and state government agencies to help millions of Americans engage successfully with the online health insurance enrollment process.

CHCF Online Enrollment Interface Spanned Multiple Form Factors

The IDEO design team included expertise from the fields of Human Factors, Interaction Design, Communication Design, User Experience Design, and Organizational Design. Fifteen states participated in the project via three large in-person workshops and numerous digital meetings held to discuss project updates, customization options, and implementation requirements. Throughout the design process, design review and information sessions were held with state and federal staff members, healthcare industry experts, IT experts, and Americans from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Onboarding Consumers

The Enroll UX site needed to make visitors aware of their options and the workflow associated with enrolling in a health insurance plan online up front. Various accessibility guidelines informed the design of the website.

 Plan Comparisons

Plan comparisons were a key view within the online marketplace. Hardware constraints and accessibility guidelines played a role in how the plans being compared were displayed.

Finding a Plan

Based on interactive sessions, the Enroll UX interface assisted users in locating plans that matched their needs. Accommodations were included within the interface that allowed “Assisters” to help those that needed support in registering online.

Online Support

Customer service chat features provided an additional means of aiding consumers in choosing the plan that best met their needs.